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Sustainable travel in Norway;

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What Vilja Travel will do for our guests

For transport part of the journey will we work to:

  • Demand and contribute to creating a market for new environmentally friendly technology, such as electric ferries
  • Offer climate compensate sold trips – we are partner with "Trefadder" and plants a tree for each traveler through our business.
  • Facilitate more environmentally friendly transport at the destinations, for example to and from the hotel and in connection with excursions.

For more sustain travel, our aim at the destination is to:

  • Reduce energy consumption and use renewable energy where possible.
  • That hotels minimize food waste, for example by ensuring correct calculation of food in relation to the number of guests
  • Phase out disposable plastic items
  • Contribute to recycling at destinations
  • Reduce the consumption of water in the accommodation (shower – no bathtubs)
  • Help and advise visitors on measures they can take to contribute positively locally and limit their own footprint
  • Prevent tourism's use of natural resources from damaging the resource and income base for the local population, and put in place measures that provide effective economic incentives locally to preserve and strengthen bio cultural diversity.
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Strengthen the local community

To ensure local value and creation will we work to safeguard culture and traditions locally:

  • Chose destinations with positive development for sustainable travel
  • Inspire and facilitate local experiences and local actors
  • Contribute to preserving local culture and tradition by highlighting the stories and creating good meetings between visitors and locals
  • Collaborate on destinations to influence the authorities for good sustainable tourism development.
  • Contribute to the strengthening of the local community.
  • Use local suppliers
  • That customers stay longer when they visit a destination.
  • Contribute to the development of infrastructure, such as waste management.


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Sustainable travel

means finding a way that tourism can be maintained long-term without harming natural and cultural environments. Sustainable travel will minimise the negative impacts of tourism and ideally be beneficial to the area in which it takes place.

Some advises for our guests:

  1. Consider the most sustainable form of transport to get to your destination
  2. Take direct flights where possible
  3. Fly economy class
  4. Check for green certifications at hotels and hostels
  5. Avoid large resorts
  6. Avoid all-inclusives
  7. Go wild and camp
  8. Use sustainable tour operators with green accreditations
  9. Eat in restaurants and cafes owned by locals
  10. Eat local cuisine
  11. Buy gifts made by local artisans
  12. Have a ‘one in, one out’ rule for buying clothes
  13. Pack light
  14. Pack eco friendly essentials
  15. Ask for more sustainable travel!


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