Our Services

Happy Ladies on tour at the mountain tops of Norway.

Our Services – Your advantages and benefits

Our expertise is 3-some; 
1. We are experts at organizing tours for ladies
2. We are ladies and know what is interesting and required for other ladies travelling to Norway – to make the vacation marvelous and a «forever memory»
3. We know our home county Norway like our pockets, As our partner you will always receive:
The most interesting itineraries and journeys – made by women for women
Flexibility and options for excursions and activities as well as dates
Our assistance throughout the tour
The expertise of over 30 years’ experience in the travel business
And of course – our very best offer!

We have no vested interests in any hotel or other tourist enterprise. Therefore we will give you an objective and unbased recommendation of what products are best for you and your clients. In fact we have already started, since we have over 20 interesting and various groups tours in our schedule. All ready for yours and ours fellow costumers!

Vilja Travel is a privately owned company. Our owner, Charlotte Ehde-Eliassen, founded the company in 1992. Just with the wish and thought of bringing women closer connected on travels and offer more meaningful vacations. 

More info about us are to be found under the link Our story.