Three unique Cities; THE YOGA CULTURE TRAIN RIDE; Oslo-Lillehammer-Trondheim

Spa & Fitness

Our brand new renovated 5 stars hotel in Trondheim; BRITANNIA has is all; beautiful suites, gourmet restaurants, cafes, award winning dining room Palmen, prime location, spa & relax!


Beautifully designed, the new Britannia Spa is a modern, elegant oasis of tranquility. The ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation for the mind and body.



We enjoy Oslo and the Oslo Fjord before we head off to Norway´s third largest city Trondheim by train. On our way, we stop in picturesque Lillehammer for a cultural treat. We visit the idyllic open-air-museum to get an impression of how life was in the past. Lillehammer is often referred to as one of the most charming towns of Norway with old wooden buildings and tons of charm. We continue to Trondheim by train to live like queens and enjoy the hip and charming historic city. Yoga for body and soul is part of this tour.  

Lillehammer is where the Olympic Games took place in 1984. We will visit the open-air museum Maihaugen. After a huge dose of small town charm we continue to Trondheim.

Welcome to Trondheim;

We will wander the colorful, cobbled pedestrian streets in the Old Town and enjoy great food at the many cafés and restaurants. We will visit the impressive Nidaros Cathedral, the largest medieval building in Scandinavia and live like queens at the one of Scandinavia´s best hotels. We practice yoga in all three cities to bring harmony between the mind and body.

Welcome to Lillehammer;

Trondheim City; Norway's 2nd largest.

Britannia Hotel is a spa hotel in Trondheim, Norway and provides a luxurious wellness centre for relaxation and exercise. From treatments to facilities and spaces for guests and members to focus on themselves throughout the day. Following the same values in service and product qualities as all other hospitality experiences at Britannia Hotel, this spa in Trondheim really gives you a great experience.

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Lillehammer City; the Olympic Village

Do you remember the Winter Olympics at Lillehammer in 1994? Wonderful days in February when the eyes of the world were focused on this little town by lake Mjøsa. Lillehammer is still a small, friendly town, renowned the Winter Olympics in 1994 and the 2016 Youth Olympic Games.

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