Once in the lifetime; Join The unique HIKING in the wilderness;


The iconic musk ox has its natural habitat in Dovrefjell National Park which is easily accessible from Hjerkinn, about a one hour drive from Rondane River Lodge. You will be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide. There are good opportunities to spot also grouse, plover and maybe even a flock of wild reindeer.





Millions of years ago, the Musk Ox grazed side by side with the mammoth in Norwegian mountains. We take you hiking and on a Musk Ox safari to the only place in Norway where you can experience this animal in its proper element. We will go on a gondola tour, stop at a famous viewpoint and eat well on this tour.  

We take you to the border of Dovrefjell Nationalpark and Trollheimen. We will visit the iconic Viewpoint Snøhetta, stay at an authentic mountain hotel and eat local food. Today you can still experience the wildlife live on Dovrefjell.

Wine tasting and massage may be a part of this experience the same goes for a gondola ride.

NOTE: THE MUSK OX SAFARI can be combined with THE YOGA AND CULTURE TRAIN RIDE as there is just a short train ride between Oppdal and the Olympic Village of Lillehammer.

NOTE: THE MUSK OX SAFARI can also be a lovely winter excursion/hike. 3 nights experience.


The Musk Ox Tour

Guided 5-6 hours musk ox safari:

Daily from 20/06 until 20/08. Other periods on request.

The hike requires a good physical condition. Food and warm/water repellent clothing should be brought. Rain, snow or fog does not stop us.

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Summer in Norway

The summer in the mountains are short but friendly and usually lasts from June until the end of August. Nature is in full force and there are plenty of activities like hiking, fishing, cycling, canoeing, rafting and many more for you to enjoy.
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