I am Merete, who left a career in fashion retail for traveling. I am a passionate traveler and have long experience in making tours both for business and leisure. I have turned traveling into my living and I share my journeys and travel tips with women around the world on my website and on social media @worldwithasuitcase.

As an experienced traveler, I still discover a new sense of independence, joy and better understanding every time I meet with new cultures and meet new people. I have experienced the empowerment of solo travel and working with Vilja, making unforgettable women only tours in Norway, is a dream come true. I have met hundreds of women throughout my travels and knocked some big adventures off my bucket list, lots of them in Norway together with other women. A tan will fade but memories will last especially those made with others. There's nothing more fun than connecting with other female travelers and sharing unforgettable adventures. We should never be too busy to pause what we are doing and go on a journey with other women. To me traveling is one of the most enlightening and fun forms of self-care.