Live Life on the famous LOFOTEN HIGHLIGHTS TOUR

Lofoten has it all; pink sunrise, craggy snow-capped mountain peak, winding coastal road, and cute ‘rorbu’ (fisherman’s cabin). Being in this part of the world (Arctic) not only puts life into perspective, but it raises your awareness of both what it’s like to live and thrive here, all while experiencing the awesome power and beauty of nature. Northern Lights to snorkelling with whales, and 28 other unique things to do in Lofoten before you die.

Bodø, Reine, Henningsvær

Lofoten is one of the most spectacular destinations in Norway. With idyllic fishing villages, a vibrant coastal landscape, as well as exciting activities and outdoor experiences in magnificent nature. The Lofoten Highlights tour cover the top spots and the small gems between. We show you Lofoten´s soul, the small fishingvillages and the dramatic landscape of mountains which rise straigh out of the sea, a lifetime experience.

We start in Bodø. Bodø is located on an peninsula bordered by fjords, mountains and not far from Norway´s second largest glacier, Svartisen. Bodø is an Arctic wonderland and the best startingpoint from which to discover Northern Norway.  

We will take the express boat from Bodø to Moskenes. We travel through Lofoten's spectacular scenery and landscape to the idyllic village of Reine. Reine is an authentic and vibrant fishing village, known for its scenic location on the North Sea and the majestic Lofoten Alps. The picturesque fishing village is the perfect base to explore Lofoten. We stay in Rorbu cabins and live like the traditional fishermen of old. In Reine we enjoy Lofoten food and nature. We hike to one of the peaks in summer and search for the northern light in spring and fall. We move on to Henningsvær, probably the most charming village in Lofoten and enjoy the vibrant small fishing village with shops, cafes, handicraft and galleries for a couple of days.  







Venice of Lofoten; The seaport of Henningsvær,

Henningsvær is one of of the prettiest seaports in Lofoten. So pretty in fact that it’s been dubbed ‘the Venice of Lofoten’. Located on a byroad of the European route E10 highway, Henningsvær is made up by a string of islets populated by brightly coloured wooden houses. For centuries, Henningsvær has been an important fishing centre.

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