The famous Frognerpark of Oslo.
Bergen City in the West.


Our short stays in Oslo and Bergen are excellent starting or ending points for our journeys in Norway and can be added on to any tour starting or ending here. We provide guided tours, activities and meals and take care of the hotel bookings so that your will be able to spend your time to explore and enjoy the cities by yourself.

All Vilja Travel journeys vary with the seasons and are all active tours in one way or the other.

Winter in Norway:

By active we mean that in winter it will be possible to try snow sports such as skiing, dog sledding, show shoeing and ice-bathing on some of our tours.

The Month of May:

When May comes around, the snow will only be left on the mountaintops, making them picture perfect together with the glacier-carved fjords and green valleys.

Spring & Summer:

In spring, summer and fall you may choose between activities such as biking, fishing, swimming, kayaking and hiking depending on the destination.
Activities such as yoga, sauna and dining to mention a few, are  year-round activities. You may choose if you want to take part in the activities or not and for others some there will be an extra fee.

The activities are suitable for all, no skills required. Our tour leaders will make sure that the level of the activity is suitable for you and in most cases help with the booking of the gear and equipment. Packing lists covering what to bring on the tour will be provided with all tours.