Live Life To The Fullest at PARADISE ISLAND of Torvholmen

Ålesund is where mountains and fjords meet the ocean. It is one of Norways prettiest and most unique cities.  We have combined Ålesund with our “own private island”, the paradise island Torvholmen.  

 Ålesund, Torvholmen  


Ålesund has some of the world´s most unique Art Nouveau buildings. We will explore the city, walk up Mount Aksla for sweeping views of the area and enjoy fine dining with gourmet food and our unique design hotel situated in the old picture-perfect part of the city.


We will go by bus and ferry to what we call our private paradise island Torvholmen. A few days at idyllic Torvholmen is like taking a break from the busy world. We will go swimming and kayaking. Our private chef will prepare amazing food based on local ingredients and what we catch when we go fishing. A trip to the largest bird island to the south of the Arctic circle Runde, home of 100-150.000 seabirds is included. Late June to August will be the best time to see puffins on the island but there are plenty of other birds, a pretty lighthouse and stunning nature all year.

The picturesque City of Aalesund

Before you enjoy many of the pubs, we recommend that you do a Hiking in and around Ålesund City; A must-do is to climb the steps up Mount Aksla; the town's very own mountain that offers a terrific view from its summit; the most photographed part of the city. There's more than 400 easy steps.

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Reach New Wonder at RUNDE island

At the far end of the sea gap in Herøy municipality is the legendary bird island Runde. The small island has no more than 150 permanent inhabitants, but from April to August each year it is breeding season, and more than 500,000 birds occupy the island. Around 80 species have been found to be breeding, and over 230 species have been registered on Runde in total.

Fuglefjellet is the southernmost in Norway, and is the most species-rich seabird place in the country. The bird life is active all year round on the island, and in winter you can study the most weather-hardy species, which thrive in the harsh and wild climate.

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